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ALPHA MODS P.D. 5 Pieces Giftpack 1.0

Alpha Mods P.D. 5 Pieces Giftpack Series 1.0: Grab one quickly! Majorette and Europa-Park have come up with something rather special: For all fans of the new VR ride on the "Alpenexpress Coastiality" roller coaster, Majorette presents a premium collection of toy cars appropriate to this. And this is perfectly arranged in the Alpha Mods P.D. Giftpack Series 1.0. The set comprises the five Mod vehicle characters from the story in an exclusive lustrous finish. In die-cast metal bodies these take on an optimal appearance. A clip-on shield identifies the set’s owner as an unofficial member of the team hunting for gangsters. Grab one quickly and bring true joy!
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ALPHA MODS P.D. 5 Pieces Giftpack 2.1

"Alpha Mods P.D. 5 Pieces Giftpack Series 2.1: It harbours a secret! After the visit to the new VR ride on the "Alpenexpress Coastiality" roller coaster at Europa-Park, small and large fans simply want more. And this they should also get with the Majorette Alpha Mods P.D. Giftpack Series 2.1! The five vehicles in premium die-cast metal with freewheel action lovingly replicate the characters from the story – and harbour an exciting secret. The permanently installed Mod attachments glow in the dark! So the play fun starts all over again after sunset!
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ALPHA MODS P.D. Virtuality Viewer + 2 cars

Alpha Mods P.D. Virtuality Viewer: Play fun in every dimension In the new Alpha Mods P.D. virtual reality ride story on the "Alpenexpress Coastiality" roller-coaster at Europa-Park, its all about adventure in a 3D world. And Majorette has interpreted this in Alpha Mods P.D. Virtuality Viewer in an exclusive playset. Two premium freewheel die-cast vehicles invite re-enactment of the exciting scenes. The packing itself also serves as 3D virtual reality glasses so that the VR adventure can be experienced again at home.
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ALPHA MODS P.D. Walkie Talkie

Alpha Mods P.D. Walkie Talkie: Adventure within hailing distance True explorers use a walkie-talkie for secret arrangements and great play ideas. The Alpha Mods P.D. walkie-talkie is an exciting idea that arose from cooperation between Majorette and Europa-Park. Two walkie-talkies in a stylish Alpha Mods P.D. look communicate over a range of up to 250 metres and feature noise suppression for crystal clear speech. Once the necessary batteries are inserted, nothing stands in the way of the journey of discovery.
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