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Airplane Airbus 350 Lufthansa

The new Majorette Airplane Airbus 350 Lufthansa: take to the air with Lufthansa! The sheer variety of Majorette toys isn't just evident on the ground. We've also got model planes to satisfy the aircraft enthusiast. The Majorette Airbus 350 Lufthansa is a 13 cm long aircraft in the original design of famous airline company Lufthansa. The aircraft is made from durable metal with plastic parts. Authentic printing on the surface gives the model plane unique character. This Majorette aircraft makes a wonderful gift for all young pilots aged three and over. But this toy plane isn’t just suitable for children; it also appeals to lots of collectors. This makes Majorette the perfect choice for every age.
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Creatix Airport Rescue Playset + 1 vehicle

Majorette Creatix Airport Rescue Playset – the air rescuers In the Majorette Creatix Airport Rescue Playset, the airport fire and rescue service gets a new lease of life for even more fun at play. The two-floor playset has a launch ramp, helipad and street elements that can be joined up to. A great set for a fast response to accidents at the airport. A premium freewheel die-cast rescue vehicle is also included. Endlessly combinable street elements allow the playset to be extended with other Creatix sets too
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Creatix Lufthansa Airport + 5 vehicles

Majorette Creatix Lufthansa Airport Playset: Airport life is the game here! With the Majorette Creatix Lufthansa Airport Playset, fans of impressive aeroplanes live out a veritable dream through play. The playset with a Lufthansa authenticity license has three floors which can be reached via a manual lift and various ramps. Also included, of course, is an airport tower which controls air traffic with light and sound. With this playset, children from five years upwards can re-enact the park-and-ride system, the check-in for cars and the loading of containers. To allow the fun to start straight away, the set includes five different premium die-cast Lufthansa vehicles from the airport scene. More airport life is hard to imagine!
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Creatix Lufthansa Airport Hangar + 1 airplane

Majorette Creatix Lufthansa Airport Hangar Playset: There’s a lot to discover here The Majorette Creatix Lufthansa Airport Hangar Playset is where aircraft are serviced or safely garaged until they can be repaired in the workshop. The playset with a Lufthansa authenticity license has a movable platform and a gate. This set can be joined up to other Creatix playsets via the street elements. It comes with an indispensable piece of kit - a premium Majorette freewheel die-cast Lufthansa aeroplane.
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